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Événements marquantsImpact
Leadership de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VITransformation du Maroc en puissance économique régionale
Infrastructure de classe mondialeExemple concret avec le port Tanger Med
50 accords de libre-échangeAccès à un marché de 2,5 milliards d’individus
Transition verteLe Maroc, premier producteur d’énergie renouvelable en Afrique
Renforcement des relations économiques avec l’EspagneVolume d’échanges commercial bilatéral significatif
Adoption de la Charte de l’investissementAmélioration du climat des affaires et soutien aux projets d’investissement

Le Maroc, une économie en plein essor sous le règne de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI

Currently presiding over a major economic transformation, King Mohammed VI’s reign has seen the establishment of a modern, highly diversified economy which is gaining regional standing, emphasized Mohcine Jazouli, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of Public Policies during a high-level business event in Barcelona.

Une infrastructure de pointe et un marché d’envergure mondiale

With a rich portfolio of infrastructural achievements, Morocco showcases global advancements, notably at Tanger Med port, ranked as the top container port in both the Mediterranean and Africa. The nation’s vibrant economic activities are supported by a young, highly skilled workforce capable of meeting the labor market’s demands, attested Mr. Jazouli.

Boasting more than 50 free trade agreements, Morocco connects businesses to a consumer market of 2.5 billion consumers. The Kingdom has bolstered its traditional industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals and tourism, making them increasingly competitive, while simultaneously nurturing burgeoning sectors like automotive and aerospace, the minister declared.

Un leader dans la transition énergétique verte

As a trailblazer in green transition, Morocco prides itself on standing as the leading producer of renewable energy on the African continent, as Mr. Jazouli pointed out. Positioned at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco naturally evolves as a regional investment hub and serves as a gateway to Africa.

Marking a new phase of development, Morocco now focuses on promoting private investment from both homegrown and foreign investors, aiming to achieve higher quality growth and generate more job opportunities. The Kingdom has introduced a cutting-edge Investment Charter to further enhance its business environment, offering substantial support to investment projects, remarked Mr. Jazouli.

Strategically located, Morocco is poised to benefit from the ongoing reorganization of global value chains and plays a pivotal role in international decarbonization efforts.

Approfondir les relations économiques avec l’Espagne

The minister also highlighted the burgeoning economic relations between Morocco and Spain, particularly with Catalonia, a key contributor to Spain’s economic future. With its strong and varied economy, Catalonia is crucial to Spain’s socio-economic growth, attributed in part to the vital role of the Port of Barcelona, complemented by the region’s exceptional corporate performance across various sectors like automotive, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, healthcare, transportation, tourism, and renewable energies.

Trade between Morocco and Spain has now surpassed the milestone of 20 billion euros, indicating significant growth, as observed by Mr. Jazouli. Notably, since the establishment of a joint roadmap in April 2022, bilateral trade has risen by 40%, on the heels of a twenty-year history of progressive increase.

The Barcelona business event, hosted by the main employer’s organization in Catalonia and the Morocco-Spain Economic Council (CEMAES), aims to further consolidate the economic ties between the two nations, focusing on investment.

Held under the banner « Investing in Morocco, a competitive bet to explore new markets, » the forum draws a crowd of business leaders from Morocco and Catalonia. The opening session included distinguished guests such as the Spanish State Secretary for Industry, heads of various business associations, co-presidents of the Morocco-Spain Economic Council, the Moroccan ambassador to Spain, and many executives from leading Moroccan and Spanish companies.


Quelle est l’infrastructure emblématique du développement économique du Maroc ?

Le port Tanger Med est l’infrastructure emblématique du développement économique du Maroc.

Pourquoi le Maroc est-il considéré comme une porte d’entrée vers l’Afrique ?

Situé au carrefour de la mer Méditerranée et de l’océan Atlantique, le Maroc est un centre d’investissement régional propice.

Quel est l’objectif de la nouvelle Charte de l’investissement du Maroc ?

L’objectif est d’améliorer le climat des affaires et de fournir un soutien important aux projets d’investissement.

Quel rôle la Catalogne joue-t-elle dans la relation économique entre le Maroc et l’Espagne ?

La Catalogne joue un rôle essentiel avec son économie robuste influençant le développement socio-économique de l’Espagne.

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